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The easy way to remove hair and fur from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics! The extra large, double-sided, self-cleaning lint brush solves the impossible task of removing unwanted pet fur, lint and hair from your clothing and fabric surface. It captures fur and lint in half time in comparison to a one-sided lint brush. There are no refills, no tape and no mess. A must-have for your clothes and furniture!


What you get

FREE TRAVEL SIZE MINI BRUSH – Take it anywhere you want. Perfect for a quick, on the go cleaning. Offer ends today!

SELF CLEANING BASE – It contains a self-cleaning base so that you do not have to touch the dirt on the lint brush. Just dip it into the self-cleaning base to remove the mess. The fur can be collected in the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Empty the tray and dispose of the dirt in the garbage. It’s that simple!

WORKS LIKE A CHARM – If you have cats, dogs or other furry pets, that’s what you’ve been looking for! It helps to remove the fur from the clothes and it looks like a charm every time. No more fur and dust on your furniture or clothes.

Best brush ever

REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY – No refills required as with traditional lint rollers. The Pet Brush fur remover is fully reusable and there are no sticky papers! Just gently slide it over the problem surface and the coat disappears. Save time and money by using our innovative brush.

EXTRA LARGE & DOUBLE SIDED – This lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush. Our Pet Brush provides DOUBLE cleaning power to brush away unwanted fur at double the speed of a single-sided lint brush (simply flip paddle sides as needed). It makes cleaning speedy and convenient and is a must-have cleaning tool for your clothes and furniture



We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase.


Simply email us the problem, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with any issues you may have. Our dedicated staff offer customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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49 reviews for Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover

  1. Vicky D.

    I got the red and blue one (one for my friend) and we both think that the brush is really good. It collects hair on all surfaces that i tried!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  2. Miguel D.

    Was sceptical at first, but it is really worth the small amount of money. I recommend getting it when it’s in sale

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  3. Lesia R.

    I love the dog in the small video, it looks so sweet 🙂 THe brush is really good

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  4. Patricia T.

    I liked the white one the most and bought it, it works just as well as shown in the video.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  5. Elizabeth K.

    I recently discovered this shop a week ago and so far am really happy with the service and things I bought, including this brush!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  6. Carolyn M.

    Really worth the money! I am happy that i made this small investment. I showed it to my friend, she liked it as well and bought the blue one right away 😀

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  7. Mark K.

    Picked the brush up during sale, and I can say that it was worth it

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  8. Jay R.

    I am a fan of its look, if you cant store it anywhere it blends in with the rest of your house decoration really well

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  9. Joshua D.

    This brush collects all the hair from my dog and my two cats as well 😀 I really like it!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  10. Leah K.

    Very practical, I can only recommend this. The delivery time was okay

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  11. Dennis S.

    I took the blue one and it really does collect all of my dog’s hair!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  12. John L.

    It arrived quickly and was nicely packaged. It works!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  13. Linda M.

    We bought 3 of them, because we already had this brush before and it is not available here in one of our local shops. When I saw this offer, I knew exactly what quality to expect. Therefore we bought several of them. Best brush ever!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  14. Sheila F.

    I recommend this product to every pet owner.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  15. John M.

    Works wonderfully. The shipping was also fast. I’m glad I don’t have to buy the tape rollers anymore.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  16. Rodney N.

    Almost like a dream. I am simply speechless.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  17. Timothy J.

    PERFECT! You just have to buy that thing. I definitely haven’t regretted it.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  18. Dwayne A.

    I was absolutely impressed with this product. After trying several different lint brushes I had almost given up believing there could be one that actually worked. I resigned myself to a lifetime of buying tape roller after tape roller to remove pet hair. I did my research one last time and found this product online, it had rave reviews and I decided to try one last time. I am so happy that I did! Not only does this work fantastically but it comes with its own case that cleans itself. NICE!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  19. Betsy J.

    Really the best product ever invented. My son helped me to pull out the wand the first times but then I got it.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  20. Barbara J.

    Portable and don’t have to worry about having to keep buying rollers. Good for a car since it doesn’t stick to everything like the tape ones. Excellent customer service.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  21. Hillary B.

    I was super skeptical of this at first, but it actually works pretty darn well.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  22. Nora L.

    I was really interested in this product as we have 3 dogs & there is always hair everywhere. It did take a bit of experimenting but it does work satisfactorily.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  23. Keith E.

    My best buy ever. I love it!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  24. Robert M.

    Beautiful brush recommend. Delivered quickly

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  25. Beulah J.


    Finally! I’ve always used the red flip-flopped side hair remover. THIS THING! It’s great. You stick it back in the base and it takes all the fuzz off.
    I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. One is a service dog so you can expect I just travel with hair.

    DO IT. No more sticky pieces, no more peeling off the hair FROM the brush. It’s great. You need it if you have a shedder of any kind (even if it’s yourself. LOL.)

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  26. Nelson C.

    Perfect size, works good.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  27. Jessica J.

    It got delivered fast. There were only 12 days between order and delivery.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  28. Betty P.

    Easy to use, easy to clean. Highly recommended.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  29. Caridad K.

    I was very surprised when I used the brush for the first time. I couldn’t imagine such a good effect. I am really impressed.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  30. Raymond S.

    I have a beagle and it loses hair like hell. This brush literally saved my life.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  31. Alfred A.

    I regret that I found this brush so late. It could make my life so much easier before. The brush is the best I ever had in my life!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  32. Audrey J.

    A great thing! Came very quickly!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  33. William L

    It’s unbelievable how good this works. I just ordered 2 more. They’re awesome!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  34. Erma C.

    Very useful! It works like a charm. Thanks!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  35. Don C.

    This is literally magic. Pulls dog hair off our couch like nothing else we’ve seen, and then the base cleans off the brush almost instantly. I was really surprised how well this works. Absolutely works great.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  36. Callie C.

    This works great on my fabric loveseat/recliner. I have a white cat who sheds like crazy. This is the easiest way I’ve found to remove her fur from the dark upholstery.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  37. Angela O.

    Absolutely the best lint pet hair remover I have tried. I have a blue velvet couch and purchased this because I could not get the lint off from our blanket. I tried regular tape rollers and even my vacuum. This is the only thing that worked! I wish I would have taken before and after photos!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  38. Jack R.

    I was in need of a lint brush and now that we have a dog I definitely needed a new one. I don’t like the one with the sticky paper. I have used this brush several times now and I have a good feeling. It works very well.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  39. Ashley L.

    This thing is a fabulous invention. I have a border collie mix who sheds like a cat, in tufts of very light fur. Like tufts and tuft and tufts. I reupholstered a couch she likes, and while it looks great, the texture really grabs, holds, and displays her fur. It looked pretty bad. Then I got this and all it takes is a couple of minutes to spice it up for company.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  40. Holly J.

    For the price, absolutely worth it! This is wonderful!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  41. Simone P.

    This product completely rocked my concept of hair removal. My roommate has two cats and they love laying on the furniture a bunch and have a dedicated chair in our living room. Their chair was covered (and I mean REALLY covered) in cat hair. I unboxed this baby and it completely changed the chair. I would say that it is a little difficult to get used to the way this needs to be used (each side goes a different way so you have to go in one direction while using a single side.) Ultimately, this think is a life saver. My lungs are already thanking me for the decrease in cat hair!!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  42. Cassie R.

    It does a surprisingly good job at getting fine cat hair off of upholstery and bed spreads. I like that it’s reusable.The system collects all the hair at the bottom of the container, and it’s quite easy to open it up and empty it. I’m satisfied with its performance.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  43. Sarah V.

    I have lots of cats and lots of fur. Cleaned an old towel I have been using to cover the top of a cabinet that I have NEVER tried to clean before. All the accumulated fur just wiped off – no hassle at all. I was a little skeptical about ease of emptying the holder but the VERY large wad of fur came out easily. The thing I am reviewing IS BY FAR THE BEST AND EASIEST THING I HAVE EVER USED FOR REMOVING CAT FUR. I have 2 of these now!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  44. Tarsha S.

    Was very surprised this product worked as it was advertised. I have 3 dogs so I was constantly cleaning my blankets and couches, goin through 4 lint rollers a week. This is very easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. Was very hard to pull out when I first tried it, after a few uses it wasn’t as hard. Only disclaimer is the Hair does stick on the sides of it after you clean it. I use paper towel to remove the excess hair from it . Still have it 5 stars bc I am still impressed and happy with this product!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  45. Frank S.

    I seriously love this thing. I don’t have to deal with so many sticky strips everytime I want dog hair off of me 👍

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  46. Andrew L.

    OMG, it works! I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it removed Ms Trudy’s hair from my coverlet. No more expensive lint rollers. Easy to get the base off to clean it, I’m getting another one, Highly recommend this!

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  47. Tanya B.

    I bought this specifically to clean cat hair off my black comforter. It does the job perfectly. I didn’t expect it to remove everything seeing how my comforter is black. The holder it comes with it is supposed to self clean the tool and it does get the job done. I would definitely recommend this for the price.

    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
  48. Maren K.

    Great product, fast shipping

  49. Jennifer K.

    This brush is awesome!

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